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The ULTIMATE step-by-step dog training system

You love your puppy. Your dog is your best friend. If you are committed to training your companion dog, then Your Pup: Trained Solid! by Carol J. Homola, a comprehensive training system is what you need to succeed.

Carol's easy-to-follow "train the trainer" system includes:
  • 77 minutes of step-by-step guidance
  • quick-reference training poster
  • free online customer support

Click Here and start training you Pup SOLID today!

As an accomplished professional canine trainer with more than 30 years experience Carol presents proven yet, practical instructions.

You'll learn:
  • Basic Training Commands such as watch, stand, sit, down, stay, come and heel.
  • House Training and Crate Training
  • Obedience and Problem Solving Techniques such as jumping and begging
  • Care and Safety

Compare the cost of Trained Solid! with the cost of a three month dog training class! Clear, concise instuctions on Trained Solid! can be re-played until the techniques are mastered by trainer, dog and other family members!

Carol J. Homola has received the highest training awards in her field. Read more about Carol and learn why she knows how to train your Pup SOLID!

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