Carol Homola's love of dogs has led her to own and train many different breeds during the past 30 years. She has trained and shown her dogs in the breed ring and at obedience trials with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC).

 Four of Carol's dogs have earned multiple titles and awards. Most recently, Woodwalk Sunny Mitchell (known as Mitch) earned multiple High in Trial and High Combined scores while competing. Mitch achieved the title of "Obedience Trial Champion" and was inducted into the prestigious Golden Retriever Hall of Fame.


 Carol has also shown a dog in the Western Reserve Poodle Club breed ring, which won the title of "Best Puppy in Show." Carol's Woodwalk Showtime Sammie (known as Sammie) is the star of Your Pup: Trained Solid!. Sammie was nine months old at the completion of this videotaping.

 For more than 15 years, Carol shared her knowledge and expertise at her school of dog obedience and training center. Over the years, she has trained and instructed more than 5,000 dogs and their owners. Oftentimes, as many as 95 dogs and their owners per week attended her classes. Many of her students advanced to earn AKC and UKC titles with their dogs using the solid techniques taught by Carol.
Carol's techniques are proven, and practical. The fundamental lessons learned by you and your dog can be used in obedience trial competition or simply enjoyed during everyday life with your dog.
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